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Military Ammunition Found In Civilian Area In Kerala By Rejimon Kuttappan

Claymore mines, bullets and AK-47s manufactured for and by the Army recovered from northern Kerala

Kerala police is associating with central agencies and investigating whether any ‘terror groups’ are ‘connected’ to the findings of military ammunition from a civilian area in northern Kerala

“We are investigating those angles too, whether any groups are involved or not. It is too early to say or name anyone. Investigation is going on,” Prateesh Kumar IPS District Police Chief, told The Lede.

Yesterday, a week after five claymore mines were discovered from the Bharathapuzha riverbed, the police recovered more than 400 cartridges from the vicinity.

A joint search by the police and the bomb squad also found 45 blank rounds, six pulse generators, two tube launchers and four connector cables.

The bullets recovered on Thursday were of 7.62 mm calibre, usually used in assault rifles such as AK-47s.

A special police team formed to probe the recovery of landmines on January 5 found the unusual cache of ammunition, which included pulse generator cables used to transmit electrical signals, magazine clips and empty bullet cases.

“We recovered the cartridges while we were probing the earlier incident of landmines. Some eyewitnesses led us to this particular area and further probe led us to these cartridges under water,” Prateesh said adding that it’s a major concern because these are used only by security forces and should not be found in civilian areas. “Even the landmines recovered earlier were manufactured at the ordnance factory in Maharashtra,” he added

The containers had the wordings ‘FRONT TOWARD ENEMY.’…

Basheer M (name changed to protect identity), a resident in Kuttipuram, said that the locals are worried over the findings.

“We are afraid. Such things are happening for the first time in our town. Police should be more alert and we citizens are ready to cooperate with them. We don’t want any unwanted elements creating trouble in our society,” he added.

Meanwhile, an intelligence official in the state said that a detailed investigation was needed before confirming how the bullets reached the Bharathapuzha.

Different security agencies, including the Army intelligence wing, have begun investigation into the recovery of the mines and bullets.

Two local men at Kuttippuram had reportedly noticed the cache of ammunition lying abandoned in water under the bridge while fishing in the river a few days ago.

Although they had remained mum about it at first, they told the police about their find after the police recovered the mines last week.

According to the official, as the National Security Guards (NSG) confirmed that the mines are ‘live’ and issued by Indian Army, the police have already sought assistance of technical teams from the Army for unravelling the mystery behind the explosives.

Meanwhile, a team of investigation officers reached Mumbai on Wednesday to collect details regarding the land mines supplied through Army units in Maharashtra.

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